It Turned Out To Be FANTASTIC, but….

The class was shaping up to be a disaster, and it was all my fault! I knew exactly what I did wrong and there was no way to salvage the situation. The year was 2008 and I had been teaching for two years. My classes nowadays  are quite large with 25 students being the average, but back then I averaged about 6 students per class. the 2008 class was going to be very small… only three students had signed up. 

As I mentioned, it was all my fault. I had been very busy and waited til the last minute to prepare my postcard mailing launch. I had failed to do sufficient on-line promotion and then, one week before the class, two of the three students had to cancel due to family emergencies.Now I had ONE student!!

Many trainers will cancel a class if the minimum number of students don’t sign up, but for me this is an absolute last resort. When a student signs up for my class, he/she is depending on me to deliver. They often plan their vacation around the class and buy non-refundable plane tickets and reserve non-refundable hotel rooms. When I plan a class, it MUST happen.

But one student!!! Anyway, I decided to call the student and ask her if she would consider rescheduling the class and receiving a significant discount on the next class. She said she would do that, but begged me to let her come for training. She had taken time off work and had also planned to visit her mother who lived in the area. I told her that I would follow through with the class. I keep my promises.

One of the great things about larger classes is that students get to work with a variety of people during break-out sessions. What was I going to do with just ONE student? I called some former students and asked if they could stop by and allow my one student to practice on them. Luckily, they agreed.

My student had a wonderful two days and I found that I really enjoyed working with her one-on-one. It gave me the chance to share so much more information and since she was the only student, we concentrated on exactly the techniques she was most interested in. I had so much fun, that I decided I needed to find a way to do this sort of teaching again since it was so successful!

Thus was born my hypnosis Mentorship program.

Hypnosis Mentorship

What if you could spend two full days with the fastest hypnotist in the world, learning exactly what YOU want to learn?

This advanced course will be custom-designed for you! Sean Michael Andrews will work with you one-on-one for two or more days, teaching you everything you need to know about Instant and Rapid Inductions. You will practice these inductions over and over and learn the theory behind them so that you can develop your own inductions that drop people INSTANTLY into trance! Since this is YOUR class, we will work together to design a course that gives you exactly what you want. Whether you are an experienced hypnotist or a hobbyist or a complete beginner, you WILL finish this course knowing everything you need to know to perform instant and rapid inductions.

This mentorship is not just a dry lecture. It is a complete instant hypnosis boot camp to show you everything you need to know to do these inductions. I will even provide you with  practice partners so that you can gain confidence with your inductions.

All meals will be included.

Here is SOME of what you could learn:

  • Selecting the easiest subjects
  • Preparing the subject for instant trance
  • How to spot someone you should NOT hypnotize
  • Shortened Elman Induction
  • Hand Drop induction
  • Arm Pull induction
  • Handshake Interrupt
  • Ambiguous Touch induction
  • Street hypnosis inductions
  • “Ambush” style non-consensual inductions (These are for information only, not recommended)
  • Highly effective group inductions
  • Easy ways to determine depth of trance
  • Amnesia
  • Anesthesia
  • Catalepsy
  • Safety considerations
  • Deepeners that REALLY work
  • Testing for depth
  • Instant induction theory. How to invent your own induction

.     How to reverse engineer” other people’s instant inductions

.     Medical hypnosis

.     Advanced age regression therapy

.     How to run a hypnosis office

.     How to do weight loss sessions

.     How to treat a phobia

.     How to work with pain

.     How to do stop smoking sessions

.     How to teach self hypnosis

.     How to do give talks to service clubs using hypnosis

.     Much more!!! If you want to learn it, I want to teach it!

A Recent Mentorship Student

Another Hypnosis Mentorship Student

Another Hypnosis Mentorship Student

Your Mentor

Sean Michael Andrews, considered by many to be the world’s fastest hypnotist, is a graduate of Regents College.  He trained in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) with both co-creators (Bandler and Grinder). Sean is the Supervising Instructor for the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.  He holds a black belt in Taijutsu Karate. Sean is certified with:

  • National Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association
  • Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • National Guild of Hypnotists

In addition to personalized, one-on-one training, you also receive:

  • Instant and Rapid Induction Course 3-DVD Set –  value $149.95
  • Dave Elman Induction DVD – value $59.95
  • Deepening the Trance DVD – value $59.95
  • Inducing the Trance DVD – value $99.95
  • Amazing Inductions DVD – value $69.95

That’s almost $500.00 in bonus DVDs!


You also get two personal mentoring calls with Sean -FREE!

After class is over, the mentoring continues. You get three private, monthly coaching calls with Sean. This is your hour to discuss any hypnosis topic you wish to ensure your success in instant and rapid inductions. These are available at $100.00 each, but as one of Sean’s mentorship participants, they will cost you NOTHING! That is a

That’s $300.00 in follow-up mentorship calls!

That’s not all!!!

Weather permitting, Sean will take you out to practice street hypnosis! Sean is the acknowledged expert in the field of street hypnosis, and he will take you on a “street mission” to introduce members of the public to hypnosis. This is a regular part of Sean’s Instant and Rapid hypnosis classes and unless the weather is bad or you say “No.”, we are going out on the street to hypnotize strangers!

So how much does this personalized, one-on-one two-day mentorship cost?  Just $4995.00. AND there is a money back guarantee!


To ensure your success, by lunchtime the first day, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with what you are learning, your entire tuition will be refunded!

But is this real?

You’ve probably seen my videos on youtube, and you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to learn how to do instant hypnosis in just two days. The answer is YES! I have taken complete novices and taught them how to do instant inductions IN JUST TWO DAYS! I am probably the most experienced street hypnotist in the world. I don’t say this to brag. I say it to emphasize that the methods I use are tested in the field andTHEY WORK. So whether you’re an  experienced stage hypnotist or clinical hypnotist… or a complete novice, I can teach you how to do these inductions! Now if you’re asking yourself…

“So how do I get the ball rolling?”

Email mail Sean at and we can discuss your goals and whether or not this mentorship is right for you.

Do you want more?

The NUCLEAR Option

Are you ready to jump in head-first?

Sometimes students are committed. Are you that person? Have you made up your mind the this is the year you become a certified hypnotist?

Here’s what I can offer. For an additional $1000.00 per day, you can complete your certification with the National Guild of hypnotists. The days will be long and by the end of the week you will be exhausted, but you will have qualified as a certified hypnotist with the largest hypnosis organization in the world. Give me seven days and I will train you for your new career!


“Passion, skill and integrity mark any training with Sean Michael Andrews. He is passionate about the difference hypnosis can make in the lives of people and the ease with which it can be done. He is skilled both as a practitioner and a teacher.  This man knows his material and he stays on the cutting edge. His insightful knowledge about the subject and the energy with which he executes his instruction is unsurpassed. But what I like the most about Sean, is the integrity with which he practices whether he is teaching or seeing clients.  It sets him apart.”

Denise Oatley Hall  (Comedy Stage Hypnotist  Tampa, FL)

“I have been a professional hypnotist since 2002 and still learned useful techniques from Sean Michael Andrews’ one-day “Instant & Rapid Inductions” training.  Sean’s teaching style is fun, fast moving and highly informative because of the breadth and depth of his own hypnosis training.”

Stuart Urban, (Rockville, MD)

“Sean Michael Andrews’ delivery of the subject matter and attention to detail was fantastic. The one-on-one training that took place throughout the course was extremely helpful. I would recommend the course to any hypnotist wanting to improve their rapid and instant inductions.”

Patrick McInnis – Certified Stage Hypnotist (Spring Hill, FL)

“Instantly elevated my hypnotism skills. Finally I have an answer for the age old question. “So, you’re a hypnotist. Show me something right now!”

David Studor CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

“Sean is the Rapid Induction Guru. If you want to learn rapid inductions, this class is for you.”

Kunle Ajose C.H.  (London, UK)

“If you want to gain confidence in instant and rapid inductions, this is the course to take!”

Edith Miller CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

“The class was great. I have at the very least doubled my knowledge of hypnosis and I leave confident I can hypnotize anyone.”

Rabi Nur (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

“Your course has completely turned my practice around (for the better!) I am so glad I went! Excellent knowledge, and very helpful. Thank you Sean!”

Mark E. Beck, (C.H. Florida)

“Excellent. Loved it. Lots of practice time. Please come back for Age Regression. Terrific. I’m in!”

Linda Hay CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

“A great information packed seminar that incorporates ample hands on practice to increase confidence and success with clients.”

Kelly Lightheart CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

“This course is worth every penny of the cost and then some! Sean’s follow-up help after the course is excellent also!”

John Wimbish, (C.H. Florida)

“Excellent course! I have a great understanding of so many inductions including Elman.”

Jason Gordon CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

“The class was very informative and a great experience. I enjoyed the practice and feel I can bring nearly everyone into trance”

  1. M. (White Springs, FL)

“More days of training and hours in a day! Sad to say… I had more hands-on training here than I did in my 2-year clinical hypnosis class in Ohio.”

Scott T. Stewart (Findlay, OH)

“I’m going away with more confidence and great skills for my hypnotism tool box”

Chris Rawlinson CH (Ottawa, Ontario)

“Sean Michaels Andrews’ Rapid / Instant Seminar is a great tool for every hypnotist who wants to bring their inductions into our current age and time! With the knowledge you gain from Sean’s seminar you will be able to do some fun Street Hypnosis and do it SAFELY. Sean does a great job of covering most bases you will encounter when doing Street hypnosis so get ready to put your skills ahead of the rest.”

Jason, Certified Hypnotist, Ohio

“Sean has an infectious, positive energy that makes for an excellent learning experience.”

John Filiss, (C.H. Florida)

“I have been a professional hypnotist since 2002 and still learned useful techniques from Sean Michael Andrews’ one-day “Instant & Rapid Inductions” training.  Sean’s teaching style is fun, fast moving and highly informative because of the breadth and depth of his own hypnosis training.”

Judy McBride, CHt  (Annapolis, Maryland)

“Great course. Crisp, clean, with great demos and plenty of practice and very rapid learning!”

Oscar Gillespie, (New York)

“Sean teaches you exactly what you need to know about rapid inductions. Very knowledgeable. An  exciting experience. I highly recommend taking his course. ”

Jaime Diaz (Stage Hypnotist, Florida)

“An excellent class, taught me more about hypnosis than I knew. I feel extremely confident in practicing hypnosis now. Thanks.”

Hoshang Irani P.A., C.H. (Champaign, IL)

Did you learn what you wanted to learn? “Absolutely!” How would you rate the quality of the information you received? “Superior… I wish the course was 3 days instead of 2!”

Peter V. (Brattleboro, VT)

“This was wonderfully comprehensive. Great teacher. Great classmates.”

Kristy Kissel, (Florida)

“I’ve been in practice as a clinical hypnotherapist for 6 years and didn’t realize how routine and boring my induction process had become until I watched Sean’s DVD training series.  Wow, I had forgotten just how fun and varied the process can be.  Thanks for reinvigorating my practice!”

Julie Grant CH (Donvale, Victoria Australia)

“This was a most interesting presentation which was so much fun we didn’t realize eight hours had passed.”

Linda Chidlow (C.H. Canada)

“What an interesting group of people! Flow of info and ability to stay on task was excellent – Good Job!”

Gene Bishop (C.H. Florida)

“Mr. Andrews’ style of teaching was engaging and thorough while his personality provided an enriching and jovial atmosphere. His command of knowledge surrounding the applications of hypnotherapy were vast and I would definitely encourage anyone to attend Sean Andrews’ classes!”

Sean G., Certified Hypnotist

“Querido Don, te envío este comentario para agradecerte de tus preciosas demostraciones sobre las Técnicas de Inducción Rapida que Tú enseñas.Me han sido muy útiles en mi práctica clínica y espero que lo sean tambien para todo Colega interesado en esta interesante y moderna forma de Hipnosis. Con cariño,

Dr. Pietro Randazzo, Ph.D., Psy.D., Th.D., N.M.D., Psicoterapeuta – Psicoenergoanalista – Italia”.

“This class helped build my confidence using instant inductions.”

Matt Davis (Baltimore, MD)

“Excellent mixture of background material, demonstrations and hands-on experience!”

Carmen Benitez (Annapolis, MD)

“I just finished watching it.  Wonderful job.  Thanks so much Sean for putting out anamazing teaching tool.”

-Keith Adair CH

“An Excellent intro and overview of hypnosis”

Steve Wilkinson C.H. (Indiana)

“Excellent course. Packed with lots of good material and training. Very practical!”

Shahz Bagha (Toronto, Ontario)

“This is my first experience both as a subject and student hypnotist. The quality and level of instruction and practical experience of Sean & Stephanie made it enjoyable and excellent”

Eddie Leong (New Jersey)

“I really enjoyed learning how to hypnotize people, and the instructor really knew what he was doing and talking about.”

Katie O’Connell (McLean, VA)

“I really liked it. The course gave a thorough and in-depth instruction on rapid hypnosis, and covered all the material in just a few hours. I am able to not just retain, but USE the info learned.”

Rachel O’Connell (McLean, VA)

“The Intimate class size allows time for broad concepts, detailed refinements, and tangents of conversation that helped tailor the course to each student’s individual needs. A truly educational experience.”

Michael Yablonsky (New Jersey)

These inductions are not just for stage hypnosis. By using instant/rapid inductions in a clinical practice, the hypnotist has much more time to do the therapy.  This is a win for the hypnotist and a win for the client.

Most hypnosis schools do not teach instant and rapid inductions. Why is this? It’s because few instructors know how to do these inductions. We do, and we can teach you to do them too!